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Alex Christopher { Writes } is a boutique research and communications firm specialising in writing for creative small businesses and building their brand and voice architecture with words.

Alex Christopher is a researcher, professional writer and editor, with experience covering the academic research, the arts, tertiary education, government administration and business.

Her love of words, her artistic eye, and knowledge of research, business principles and audiences, makes working with her a vibrant, rounded communications experience. Alex is a higher education teacher and seeks to impart valuable skills to assist businesses long term.

Alex Christopher { Writes } works with you to build your brand through words, and knowledge about your business, to shape you professionally and your business communications – so you feel abundantly confident in what you do and how you say what you do.

Alex Christopher { Writes }  helps you craft words and visuals for your website, blog, eBooks, opt-ins, e-newsletters and social media platforms and can also artfully design a research project should you require knowledge about a certain topic or market.

Alex Christopher { Writes } can help you write copy for your website and social media posts, build your website from scratch and curate a social media strategy that works for you. She can help you write auto-responders and communications to your clients and mailing lists, making things run more efficiently. Alex Christopher writes, supports, builds and edits blogs and eBooks too.

Active Consultations start at $120.00 – though you can sign up to a free consult here.


Writing packages include:

Alex Christopher { Writes } is physically located in beautiful North Queensland, Australia, yet can teleport (to a point) using the Internet and mechanical wings where required. If you are in Townsville, Alex will probably reach you on her trusty bike, Virginia Virgo-go or her rusty Holden ute, Valma!

You can read more about Alex here.

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