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Alex Christopher { Writes } and loves words, art, design, museums, research, business and the people and stories at the heart of all of those things.

My copywriting approach is to engender a thorough understanding of your business or project through conceptualising and harnessing its foundations (that is, the reason you started it) to quickly craft a sophisticated and authentic brand and permeate its ethos into everything you say and share.

“I’ve always written stories, I strangely enjoy writing essays, and have always helped friends in writing anything they’ve needed “on the page”. But it wasn’t until I worked as a grants administrator assisting people to write successful grant applications that I realised I had a knack for professional communication. I dabbled by building some blogs and websites for small ventures in formative years and developed a keen understanding of how to reach the media and key audiences through words, imagery and social media platforms over time.

I studied Arts administration/management and now I teach about business in the arts, and I’ve been developing experience as an authentic brands communicator for eight years and counting. I am currently researching towards a Ph.D. in the area of recruitment to art museums and galleries. I also love to paint and garden and bike-ride and travel and read and eat!

I’m a mixed bag, really! And that makes me a better writer!

But I haven’t always been a wiz at writing and English. That might come as a shock seeing though my livelihood now centres around words. You can read more about my story here. I failed English at high school! Yep!

I now live and breathe words, stories, communication and writing. I love helping people write what their heart wants to, but cannot due to lack of time, focus and confidence with expression. I write websites, blog posts, eBooks, manuscripts and e-newsletters; and do so to unearth what your story, product or service adds to the world. I also love art and design and can work my way around building graphics, a website and setting up social media platforms. I’m also a trained editor and proofreader!

I love working with passionate people who believe that collaboration edifies the human spirit.

My philosophy with writing, research, editing and proofreading:

  • Stories move us and don’t need to be stuck in fairy land – they belong in business writing too!
  • Writing is about expressing and communicating ideas, and editing and proofreading works to support that goal,
  • That everyone needs writey-slash-word assistance – even writers and editors!
  • A typo or writing mistake doesn’t mean you’re dim-witted,
  • A fresh set of eyes coupled with respect and good will is always welcome,
  • Projects with written elements are best done in collaboration and,
  • Machines cannot save you from all writing errors!”

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Photos by Dianne Purnell Photography


History //

Tertiary Education

  • Professional Editing and Proofreading
  • Master of Art Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Screen Cultures and English Text and Writing)

Experience in

  • Arts Writing // reviews, criticism, essays.
  • English Literature // essay, criticism, speech, presentations.
  • Website copy // development and maintenance.
  • Blogging and eNewsletters // set up, copywriting and reviewing.
  • Magazine publication // editorial.
  • Report writing // government and not-for-profit.
  • Grant writing // Research and Arts focus.
  • Research Design // Surveys and Interviews.
  • Email management // government, small business and NGOs.
  • Database development // Research and directories.
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