Alex Christopher { Writes } is about // Good quality, local produce that nourishes you and the earth. Good strong coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Bike riding where possible. Chickens and dogs. Critical and reflective thinking can set you free. A time for cocktails. Gardens should be everywhere. Respect for the holistic value of creativity. Education is key to acceptance. Yoga. Seeking the good in people. Chocolates on the pillow when your friends and family stay.


To retain the voice of all people and to develop clients’ written material to increase professionalism and improve communication to their intended audience.


To see small enterprise and creative businesses take pride in their language, communication, writing and voice.


To assist people to produce high-quality words to esteem both language, the writer and the relationship between reader and writer.

Check out why we feel writing is so important!

Words give you power and control :: take the opportunity to craft your own voice ::

and if you need, I can help you.


We also really believe in this idea: that good grammar and vocabulary ultimately makes you happy!

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