Ghostwrite your manuscript

Your name / Your story / Brought into being with a little help from me

I have a particular knack for getting a good story out of someone – and I’m also pretty good at writing a manuscript from a conversation.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, but actually writing it down or getting it out is the hard part for you, then I can offer my skills as an interviewer and writer to reach that goal of being a published author with you.

We can write about any topic you like!

You might like to tell your life story, or someone in your family’s life story. You might like to share your thoughts about a particular topic or set of topics. You might like to educate or inspire readers. You might have a creative story you’d like to get out! Sky’s the limit!

I can sit down with you and we can make a structure for your book and then I can construct some questions to put to you, interview style, so that we can get your words out onto the page! Or, if it’s something a little more complex, I can do the research for you and whip it into a logical structure with eloquent flowing words.

As an academic researcher I can help find material that will build authority in your book and as an interviewer and storyteller, I can write it down in an engaging way. As a copy writer and communications specialist, I can help write with your specific audience in mind. Together we can make an amazing and important read!

My background is in the arts and I love to connect with artists, curators and creative specialists to tell their stories – about how they came to be a creative person, how they have developed their skills, the works they have created in the passed and the meaning and concepts behind the work.

I am passionate about social justice matters and love to help people with a triumphant story “against all odds”, or someone who might like to spark debate about a certain topic, to get their ideas out and into the public’s eye. Stories and ideas can effect real change in the world and I’d love to support people to make that happen with my writing skills.

I’ve worked in museums and galleries and so have an understanding of how history and objects can speak of our past, present and future. I can write in a really factual, straight to the point way, or I can be a bit more poetic – all depending on how you’d like to be represented. This process is helped along by me simply chatting to you. I get to know your writing voice by hearing you speak.

I’d love to chat with you about the book you’d like help writing! Let’s write out your dream book together, step-by-step. And while we’re at it, let’s have some fun in finding the right words for you.



Ghostwriting fees

All writing projects have a varied degree of complexity and time required to complete them well.

As a guide only, I have created these ghost writing packages:

Two hour Manuscript Visioning Session

Writing up to 50 pages

Writing up to 100 pages 

Writing up to 150 pages

Writing up to 200+ pages







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