Rosana Kersh Photography

Rosana Kersh Photography

Writing for podcasts, writing for videos and writing for webinars will make your digital product that much better! And, writing a script or a structure before hand will make you feel so much more prepared than if you just start blurting things out. Your communication will be clearer and the point of the podcast, video or webinar will be reached!

I work with people to develop a script or a guideline for what they want to say to the microphone or the camera.

Before speaking, there needs to be a bit of thought into what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

As an educator I can assist you to have a focus and objective for each edition, and help you to structure what you’re going to say, and then give you some prompts on how to say it with efficiency and class.

If you like, I can help you write your podcast, video or webinar script word for word, so that you don’t need to panic when you’re live or recording. I can also help prompt you to interview people using specific skills that will ensure a rich response.

I can advise on how to pull your product together with sound and music intros, sound editing, graphics, video editing and also how to present yourself in the right location and with the right look. All of this stuff is important in communicating to a particular audience. Everything has to sing the same tune and I can help from the objective, to the words, to the final product.


Script writing fees for digital products 

Two hour Script Visioning Session

Just the words
from $500.00

Objective, Words & Final Product Support
from $1000.00

These prices would cover the creation of a short series of podcasts, videos or webinars.


If you’d like to talk more about costs specific to your idea, why not sign up to a free consultation (see the button below).




In my eBook All About You, I note that speaking your About page is a nice alternative to telling your story in written form. Check it out here:

A workbook to help you write your website's About page - $37.00

A workbook to help you easily and artfully write your website’s About page – $37.00

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