Social Media writing & support

Writing for all your online platforms – from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest – can become one the last things business owners spend their time on. Actually, it requires a bit more brain space than quickly finding a relevant link to a similar topic to your business’s focus area.

It takes focus on some key messages that are delivered in a strategic approach. And social media writing should always align with your big picture business goals. Posts should then nicely connect to that plan, all the while using all your branding elements – colours, fonts, voice and imagery – to artfully communicate your key messages.

Without this kind of dedicated approach to your social media content, you might be wasting time, money, and missing out on meaningful connection to your communities.

Let me help you! I like to make social media writing streamlined, strategic, beautiful looking and yes – FUN!

Fee options

Two hour key message visioning package
$225 with report and plan

6 months support for social media writing

6 month support for social media writing

Month to month social media writing support


(All options include a monthly check in, planning for what you’ll write in the month, editing/proofreading of a selection of posts and also a review of how your posts have been received).


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